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imagine a loyalty rewards programme that pays you!

loyalty programmes are great, aren’t they? they give you rewards and perks for being a frequent customer. except, they aren’t actually that great.

you typically have to spend a lot of money (and a lot of time) in order to be eligible for any kind of rewards. that $5 voucher you redeemed? that just came from the thousands of dollars you spent with the vendor. hardly seems fair, does it?

CRWD wants to change all that.

we are a borderless loyalty programme that focuses on you. what does that mean, exactly? well, we are not tied to any banks, e-commerce platforms, shopping malls or brands. it does not matter where you bought your products from. just scan the product barcodes and start earning points on CRWD!

currently, we have sets of rewards that refresh every week. you can start using your points on these rewards right from day one!

want more? our points have no expiry date. there are no minimum purchase requirements. our rewards are whole – they are not free-with-any-purchase arrangements (that’s what those buy-1-get-1 free deals really are!). there are also no joining fees.

here’s the kicker – there is a monthly subscription of CRWD points paid to you!

so, yes, CRWD is a loyalty programme, on steroids. join the revolution now! the app is available for download in Singapore for iOS and Android mobile phones.


we incorporate actionable gamification into our scanning and reward features, making CRWD possibly the most exciting loyalty programme in the world! our rewards panel is very competitive!

monthly subscription

at CRWD, we pay you for your data & shopping habits. we believe in a long-term partnership with our users, which is why the payment to you is a monthly subscription for as long as your CRWD account is live!


CRWD designed our profiling to ask for non-personally-identifiable information. you see, our founders are also very concerned about privacy in this post-privacy reality.

in case you didn’t know…

Facebook, which critics say isn’t doing enough to protect the privacy of its users, has been giving people between the ages of 13 and 35 a payment of $20 per month plus referral fees for their phone and web activity. Facebook is able to access this data after users install a “Facebook Research” VPN app.

CNet, 31/01/19

Google’s ad arm brought in $32.6 billion in advertising dollars for the second quarter, while Facebook took in $16.6 billion in the same period. Facebook said that its 2.41 billion monthly active users generated an average of $7.05 each in revenue during the quarter between ad activity and other payments and fees.

The Washington Post, 14/10/19

about CRWD

uk /kraʊd/


to profit from one’s own data and purchase history anonymously:
to CRWD your data instead of giving it away to platforms for free.

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the open alpha version of the CRWD app is available now in Singapore for both iOS and Android

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