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imagine a subscription service that pays you

at CRWD, we want to help change the perception that your personal data is worth nothing more than letting you gain access to “free” social media platforms and websites.

your data, along with everyone else’s, is the blood that keeps the world going. data helps companies build better products and services. data gives rise to new technologies like artificial intelligence, automation and predictive analytics. it allows governments and not-for-profit organisations to understand the world a little better. it also helps make tech giants billions, in both revenue and profit. and with each passing year, your data profile becomes more and more valuable.

data is now the world’s most valuable commodity. and in a post-privacy reality, where you can no longer opt out of being data mined, CRWD is advocating that users start charging for the use of their data.

we want you get your fair share.


CRWD is a blockchain dApp that allows you to earn & spend GLASS (our proprietary cryptocurrency) within the app itself. you don’t have to go through the trouble of signing up for wallets to use GLASS.

note: blockchain and crypto will not be active during alpha + beta phases

monthly subscription

at CRWD, we pay you for your data & shopping habits. we believe in a long-term partnership with our users, which is why the payment to you is a monthly subscription for as long as your CRWD account is live!


CRWD designed our profiling to ask for non-personally-identifiable information. you see, our founders are also very concerned about privacy in this post-privacy reality.

in case you didn’t know…

Facebook, which critics say isn’t doing enough to protect the privacy of its users, has been giving people between the ages of 13 and 35 a payment of $20 per month plus referral fees for their phone and web activity. Facebook is able to access this data after users install a “Facebook Research” VPN app.

CNet, 31/01/19

Google’s ad arm brought in $32.6 billion in advertising dollars for the second quarter, while Facebook took in $16.6 billion in the same period. Facebook said that its 2.41 billion monthly active users generated an average of $7.05 each in revenue during the quarter between ad activity and other payments and fees.

The Washington Post, 14/10/19

about CRWD

uk /kraʊd/


to profit from one’s own data and purchase history anonymously:
to CRWD your data instead of giving it away to platforms for free.

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the CRWD app is available now on iOS Testflight, as well as the Android Play Store.

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