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what is CRWD?

CRWD is a data subscription app. it is many things for many people, depending on their perspective. it is a borderless reward programme that works with every purchase you make, regardless or brand, vendor or platform. it is also a rebate programme, for you to offset your purchases with the shopping vouchers (and other items) in our Rewards programme.

how does CRWD work?

you earn GLASS tokens – our in-app digital currency – whenever you scan a product barcode. you earn GLASS tokens when you perform certain actions (such as daily log-in). and when you fill up the optional profile section, you are first rewarded with ad-hoc GLASS tokens. a monthly subscription of GLASS tokens will also be activated.

i don’t feel comfortable in giving out my information / it is too much work to fill up the profile page

CRWD is built on the premise that private information is not necessary for businesses to make decisions with. CRWD works entirely on an opt-in basis. and we will only ask for non-personally-identifiable information from our users. users who are not ready yet to fill up the profile page are still able to earn GLASS and bid for rewards through other activities such as product scanning and ad viewing. we recognise that, especially these days, trust has to earned.

how does the monthly subscription work?

the monthly subscription is activated once the optional personal profile is completed. the subscription rate is intended to halve every 12 months. we believe this practice (rightfully) rewards early adopters. the subscription runs from September onward, every year.

how long does the monthly subscription last?

the monthly subscription is automatic, and will only cease when the user elects to delete all their profile information.

where and when is CRWD available?

CRWD alpha will be available for download from the iOS and Android marketplaces in mid-July 2020. the app will initially be downloadable only in the Singapore market.

is CRWD a dApp?

CRWD was designed as a dApp. for the alpha and beta release phases, CRWD will not be blockchain-enabled.

when will CRWD be blockchain enabled?

the team intends to make CRWD a blockchain enabled at the conclusion of the beta release, subject to approval by the relevant authorities. we expect early users to be able to retain all the bonus GLASS tokens earned from the alpha and beta release phases.

we will continue to update this page with new FAQs and responses. if you have any more burning questions, you can drop us a line at:

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