the CRWD mission

CRWD was created because we could see the business headlines about big tech companies making (frankly) obscene revenue and profit, quarter after quarter. with every passing year, your data profile, which contributes to their databases, becomes more and more valuable to these platforms, and to the marketers they sell the information to. with CRWD, what the team wants to advocate is a different business model. a business model where it is a win-win situation for both the platform and users.

we built a viable business model that is fair. it is your data that will help CRWD with its business, and you should rightfully have a share of the proceeds.

as privacy-focused individuals ourselves, the team has worked to ensure that we only ask for non-personally-identifiable information. we want to help you build rich data profiles, with your unique buying habits and brand preferences. we share the proceeds of the resultant ad buys from companies and businesses who would want to advertise and interact with you.

to be perfectly clear, we are not tilting at any windmills here. we understand data asymmetry, and the role platforms play in gathering and collating data. however, as users of these platforms ourselves, we believe it is only reasonable to demand a share of the pie. there is enough to go around the table.

what better place than here? and what better time than now?

we want to change the platform-user relationship. we want you, our user, to be our partners.

the CRWD team

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