the rewards

CRWD is a user-data subscription service. our users are compensated for the data points that you provide. in the initial stages at least, the compensation will come in the form of our digital currency (much like currency in games), GLASS. GLASS can be used to bid for reward items that are refreshed weekly.

every action has a GLASS reaction in CRWD

CRWD users can earn GLASS tokens by their actions. even just simply logging into the app earns you GLASS tokens.

CRWD’s proposed reward rates for bio category completion

our users are also awarded special one-off GLASS tokens for every bio category that you complete. it is important to highlight that CRWD operates on an opt-in basis. that is to say, you do not have to complete the bio categories at all in order to earn GLASS and bid for reward items.

CRWD’s proposed subscription rates for 5 seasons

once you have completed all the bio categories, you will automatically be on a subscription programme. to encourage and reward early adopters, the subscription rates are set to halve with every season. each season starts in September and concludes at the end of August of the following year.

we have opted to use a bidding mechanism for the rewards in an effort to create a fair and equitable reward system. coupled with a weekly refresh of reward items, the CRWD system allows everyone a fair go at monetising their own time and effort. we have many more exciting plans for the reward system, the in-app currency, as well as the reward items themselves. stick around for that!

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